First time in the country Digital Yacht Quarantine

POMO has collaborated with DEPA, AIS, and other network in Phuket to establish the "Digital Yacht Quarantine" project, which uses NB-IoT and smartwatch bands.

In Thailand, there is a new quarantine called the Digital Yacht Quarantine. By using NB-LoY (NB-IoT Wristband Tourist Tracking) technology, smartwatch bands can detect a tourist’s health. The device can monitor a tourist’s health for 14 days during quarantine.

In Yacht, this is a new technique of quarantine. For a 14-day quarantine of tourists, we used a Spacetrax Solution. The wristband will track and monitor the health of tourists in terms of following up on the case, and it will be able to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature in order to provide additional support to doctors and nurses. When tourists want assistance, they can also send an SOS. All of the data from the wristband has been sent to a dashboard on the website. They will be monitored by the supervisor. Furthermore, the technology is the same as the one used in the Cayman Islands for the Hotel Bubble project.


The Digital Yacht Quarantine contributes to the assurance of efficiency and safety in tourist healthcare. The quarantine in the yacht has been carefully monitored by healthcare workers and relevant officials in order to effectively control the spread of COVID-19./span>

Reference video from : AIS Business