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Conquest rugged and explosion-proof smartphones are made especially to be used in dangerous situations. When working in dangerous areas and need dependable communication, experts always choose Conquest's explosion-proof phones. They offer the ideal balance of durability, use, and security for front-line workers.

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Discover the vast array of practical features with the Conquest EX201. This device isn’t just versatile, it’s transformative. Harness the power of optional Satellite Communications, Night Vision Camera, DMR/UHF/VHF, and Temperature/Vibration Measurement. With our smartphone, security isn’t an afterthought – it’s integral. Enjoy peace of mind with Facial/Fingerprint recognition, and password or pattern screen locks.

Go beyond just capturing images. Document your field inspections and maintenance work with our advanced high-resolution camera. Boost your operational efficiency and documentation accuracy with Conquest EX201.

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ZONE 2/22 intrinsically safe rugged tablet, explosion-proof cell phone, 8'' screnn, 10000mAh, M6 interface, 4 positioning, NFC(8+256GB Standard)

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